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Here are classes that we typically offer. Check calendar for availability.

Classes from beginner to pro

We offer a wide range of classes. You will always find something interesting to do with your dog, here at the SDOC. Many of our members/instructors are licensed CKC judges, or competitors ranked at the highest levels in the country. We can take you from baby steps to wherever you want to go. If you are already a seasoned hand take one of our advanced classes under one of our highly qualified instructors.

Remember, Swansea membership has many priviliges, including attractive member discounts on classes and special workshops. For more info on joining, click here.

Be Bold: suggest a class

Because of time and space limitations we can only offer so many classes at any one time. If you see something you like on this page but it is not offered in the current session, please contact us and let us know what you would like to try.

If there is sufficient interest, particularly for an advanced level class, our training director may be able to schedule it for the next session.

Jump into the exciting world of dog sports

You have put in the time and mastered the basics. Don't stop now! You have opened the door to a world of exciting possibilities. Now step though and behold the awesome, and incredibly fun time you can have with your dog pursuing one of the many dog sports available.

You can choose from a wide variety of sports to suit your interest and your dog's aptitude.

At one time there were only a few organized sports, namely conformation, obedience, tracking, and for some breeds, protection.

Today you have a cornucopoia of sports to try, with new ones coming along all the time. Popular dog sports include Rally-O, Agility, and Flyball. But new sports based on "nose work" or sniffing, like Scent Detection and Barn Hunt, have taken off in recent years. What dog doesn't LOVE to sniff? Some sports are breed specific, like water rescue, which is open to Newfoundland Dogs only. Others are open to certain groups, like sporting breeds, terriers, or hounds. Think field work, lure coursing and ground work. Herding is open to all breeds, small dogs can compete wrangling ducks. Draft work is also open to all breeds but, practically speaking, only large dogs will be able to pull the required loads. There are many more options out there. Sprinting, dock diving, tricks... on and on it goes.

The bottom line is, there is no end of fun you and your dog can have in the dog sports world. Check it out.

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