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Get active and have fun with your dog

Stop playing with your electronic gizmo, and do something real!

You think your dog wants to lie on the floor watching you update your Facebook profile? Of course not! Your dog wants to be out in the world doing fun and interesting things with you. Break out of your electronic stupor and do yourself a favour: Sign up for one (or better still) a variety of our exciting events. You will not believe how fun you can have with your dog.

Barn Hunt

Saturday September 25th 2021
Sunday September 26th 2021
Location: Terra Cotta, Ontario

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Obedience Trials

Our next trial will be
held May 2022
Location: Acton, Ontario

Sorry, no info yet.

CKC Scent trials

Our next trial will be
held summer 2022
Location: Etobicoke, Ontario

Sorry, no info yet.

Barn Hunt Workshop

Weekend event for BH beginners
Workshop - August 7th 2021
Rat & Go - August 8th 2021
Location: Terra Cotta, Ontario

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What is barn hunt?

For hundreds of years itinerant ‘rat catchers’ travelled the countryside ridding barns and properties of vermin, thus helping to conserve food grains and prevent disease. The Barn Hunt Association has created a sanctioned sport based on this traditional dog work for all dogs, not just terriers. In this new sport, dogs locate rats (safely enclosed in aerated tubes) hidden in a straw/hay bale maze. It will test your dog’s scenting ability, speed, agility and sure-footedness. Open to any and all dogs who can fit through an 18" wide by approx 20-22" high tunnel made of straw or hay bales.

2021 barn hunt TRIAL - Sept. 25th & 26th - EVENT CONCLUDED

It's ON! Two trials will be held each day, for a total of four trials, enabling you to earn a Barn Hunt title in a single weekend. Our premium list is out. The trial secretary will start accepting entries August 1st, 2021. We expect this trial to fill very quickly. To avoid disappointment, enter as soon as the clock strikes midnight on August 1st. Preference will (of course) be given to club members. If you have not already joined the SDOC, what are you waiting for? Click here to download Premium List.

Using our fillable PDF entry form

1. Download the Premium List to the desktop or any folder on your computer. 2. Open the file with FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader. 3. Fill out the form. 4. Save the form. 5. Email the form to our trial secretary. DONE! You can print and send the form via snail mail too, but this trial may fill up faster than the mailman can deliver. NOTE: The form fields can be filled out but will not save unless you download the document and reopen in Acrobat Reader first.

Barn Hunt Workshop - August 7th - EVENT CONCLUDED

Fast track into this amazing sport with our Barn Hunt Workshop. In a small group, your dog will learn what the quarry, i.e. live rats, smell like (yum!); work on climbing straw bales and hone tunnelling skills. Our experienced instructor will lead your dog step by step from the concept of recognizing the rat in a perforated tube to finding the tubes hidden in straw bales. We will focus on marking the quarry and handling techniques. Rat care and safety is paramount in the sport. No rats are harmed during any barn hunt event. Our workshop will prepare you for your first trial. You will learn Barn Hunt procedures rules and etiquette. Limited space. Enroll right now!


The Rat ‘N' Go offers an excellent opportunity to practice Barn Hunt in an actual trial ring; the same one you'll find at our upcoming BHA licensed trials. It is like a run thru in obedience. You may choose to sign up for any class level you wish, practice your skills and perfect your technique. Stopwatch times will vary by class--just as they are in real trials. You must have previous experience--your dog needs to know what quarry to hunt (attendance at our Barn Hunt Workshop will do the trick) in order to participate in the Rat ‘N' Go. Cement the skills you learn in our workshop the day before! Each level will have a set time to run, starting the day with Instinct class, and working toward more advanced levels. You must pre-register for this event. To sign up click here.


2019 Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade - EVENT CONCLUDED

The SDOC will be marching in the 2019 Lakeshore Santa Claus Parade. Members, friends, and students are welcome to join in the fun. Mark the date on your calendar: SATURDAY DECEMBER 7TH 2019. We will be meeeting at the staging area (near Second Street Junior Middle School -- 71 Second St, Etobicoke, ON, M8V 2X4) starting at 8:30 AM. The parade participants will assemble on the north side of the school on Birmingham Avenue. Look for all the dogs!

In preparation for the parade many main roads will close at 9:00 AM. Arrive before then. Park on a side street north of Lakeshore between Dwight Avenue and 37th Street. Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. The parade offcially starts at 10:00 AM.

For more info check the official parade website here.

Be creative, but remember, there is only ONE Santa Claus in the parade; so no Santa suits for any of us marching or our dogs.

We hope you take this opportunity to showcase your amazing dog(s), enjoy a little exercise and get into the Christmas spirit! SEE YOU THERE.

2019 spring obedience trials - event concluded

Our 2019 Obedience and Rally-Obedience trials were a great success. Thanks to all who entered. Congratulations to all who earned legs and titles. See you in the spring of 2021!

Looking to register for one of our awesome classes? Your dog will love you for it.